What Is OnlyFans

What Is OnlyFans and How Does it Work?

Onlyfans isn’t just a platform for nudes. It’s a complete cultural takeover, redefining how celebrities, internet influencers, and of course—adult entertainers—interact with their most loyal fans. As big of a deal as that sounds like, there is a lot to unpack here.

For those asking what is onlyfans let me first give you the background.

Essentially, Onlyfans monetizes social media on the basis that anyone with a significant following online can earn money through the platform by posting premium content for their subscribers to access. Naturally, this makes Onlyfans.com the perfect place to see nudes and sexy clips from porn stars, cam girls, or even the naughty hottie next door.

Or does it? We wrote more about the flaws in our post sharing the best onlyfans nudes accounts. So I suggest you read that as well.

Lots of People are Asking: What is OnlyFans

Launched in 2016, Onlyfans hosts over 24 million registered users with 450,000 content creators and counting. Although the site is best known for its NSFW content, Onlyfans encourages posts of all kinds, including amateur films, music, fitness routines, and, yes, magic shows. But regardless of what kind of content you want to subscribe to, all users must be 18 and up to enter the site.

Onlyfans review
Onlyfans is a premium subscription site that gives fans exclusive access to photos, videos, and live streams. It’s most popular for porn, but you can find just about anything on Onlyfans.

How OnlyFans Works

Some Onlyfans accounts are free (yes, even nude ones!), but the vast majority of OnlyFans nudes are behind a monthly premium paywall. After following your desired creator, you will unlock all of the content they’ve uploaded in the past as well as any future content they post for the duration of your subscription.

Some creators even offer free trials to give you a sneak peek of the content they have available. That being said, if you do decide to subscribe to an account, keep in mind that all purchases are non-refundable, but you can unsubscribe to ensure that you won’t be re-billed for the following month.

Understandably, Onlyfans’ stance on refunds may be hard for some to accept, but trying to get your way can make things even worse.

In the event that a user wants to pursue action via their credit card company, OnlyFans warns that their accounts may be limited or terminated as a result. On top of that, any amount you do recover from a reported transaction will be paid for by the model itself.

So what is onlyfans doing in this regard? Apparently nothing. They see this as the model’s responsibility.

It should also be noted that most of the performers at only fans are the same women who work at the best free sex chat sites.

Fortunately, most Onlyfans subscriptions are relatively inexpensive (the lowest possible is only $3!), with the assumption that users will subscribe to multiple creators’ accounts for a more varied feed. Plenty of models even offer discounted subscriptions en masse or individually, to their favorite fans.

Once you’re subscribed, you may encounter paid posts and paid private messages. These cost additional funds to unlock, usually unveiling nude, explicit content that’s too hot for their usual feed to handle.

Sadly, this feature sparked many dark moments on the platform, leading to major, and arguably, detrimental, changes to the way the site operates.

How OnlyFans Works
This is how onlyfans work. Onlyfans is basically monetized social media, making it a perfect place to find self-shot amateur porn.

OnlyFans Nude Pictures Controversy

The Bella Thorne OnlyFans has been widely discussed…

In August 2020, ex-Disney star Bella Thorne broke a site record on Onlyfans when she amassed over $1 million in earnings within 24 hours of joining the platform. Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived for the actress’ legion of fans when they fell victim to a scam that would change Onlyfans as we know it.

From the get-go, Thorne claimed her Onlyfans content would be limited to suggestive, teasing clips and images, promising her fans bikini and lingerie shots and, of course, sexy hot dog eating. But subscribers were in for a surprise when Thorne advertised a $200 PTV (pay-to-view) nude post.

Unsurprisingly, the post was, in fact, not a nude. Feeling duped, hundreds of disappointed subscribers reported the post and angrily demanded refunds, creating a huge problem for the site’s back end.

As a result, Onlyfans revised their policy surrounding pay-to-view content so that creators can only charge users up to $50 to unlock a paid post. In addition, users can now only tip their favorite creators up to $100 at a time.

Thanks, Bella!

But the shit show doesn’t stop there.

Because Onlyfans isn’t porn-exclusive, many other D-list media personalities are dipping their toes into the adult entertainment market and causing problems for Onlyfans’ massive community of real sex workers and their supporters.

Bella Thorne onlyfans
Bella Thorne onlyfans is a topic of controversy on Onlyfans, and many attribute the site’s policy changes to her PTV post-scandal.
The Gabi Demartino OnlyFans Issues

Enter beauty YouTuber and influencer Gabi Demartino. At the tail end of 2020, she uploaded a $3 PTV post with the following caption:

”won’t put my panties on”

Again, Demartino’s Onlyfans was, at this point, mostly a bikini-and-selfie account, so her fans were obviously intrigued by the promise of a panty-free post. Viewers were shocked to find that behind the paywall was a childhood video of Gabi as a toddler in the nude.

WTF! That is so not okay and very little has been done after this happened to deter it from happening again.

Somehow, after literally distributing child porn, Gabi Demartino hasn’t faced any criminal charges, although her OnlyFans account has thankfully been suspended.

Listen guys this is the same sort of scary shit I warn people about on dirtyroulette and so many sites that guys jerk off on but in fact, are not supposed to be meant as masturbation cams.

Following the immediate backlash she received, Demartino promptly delivered the emptiest, most vapid apology possible, claiming she was ignorant of how her viewers might perceive her post and that she plans to walk out of the event a “better” person…whatever the hell that means.

The Real Onlyfans Leak Facts

At the start of 2020, Onlyfans experienced its largest security breach to date when an anonymous user uploaded up to four terabytes of stolen NSFW content to a cloud storage service called Mega. But the breach wasn’t a result of sophisticated hacking techniques. Instead, the leak originated from multiple site users themselves. Customers would snag content directly from the site and re-upload it to this free communal spank bank.

Technically, users should only access and view content through the site itself, but obviously, there are a number of ways to get around this. To add insult to injury, Onlyfans’ terms of service clear the platform of any accountability related to this case and others like it. And believe me, there are others.

You can find leaked Onlyfans content pretty much anywhere you care to look, with Twitter and Reddit advertising some of the largest libraries of leaked content on the net.

You might be feeling a little concerned about your own security on the site at this point, but according to Onlyfans, there’s no need to worry! They’ve chalked the whole thing up to a “horror story” and insist that they’ll keep your sensitive information, like your name, address, and financial details, safe and secure. Well, everything but their creators’ nudes, apparently.

Onlyfans leak
The Onlyfans leak left many models feeling violated after their sensitive content made rounds on Mega, Reddit, and other popular online sharing sites.

This Site has ISSUES

Problematic models, policies, and leaks aside, Onlyfans isn’t going anywhere. Models on the platform have the potential to make millions and literally turn their lives around. With one of the highest payouts possible on an adult-friendly platform (I’ll get to that in a minute), it’s no surprise that the site draws in thousands of hopeful creators every day.

But is Onlyfans biting off more than it can chew? According to numerous reports of missing payments, undue deletions, and site crashes, I’d say so. Many fear these site issues are affecting sex workers disproportionately.

This concern is, unfortunately, well-founded, considering the site has practically edged out the entire fetish community using strict language restrictions. As the list of Onlyfans’ “forbidden words” grows, spaces for advertising niche porn shrink. This list includes words like “abduct” and “chloroform,” which totally make sense. But the list also includes words like “gangbang” or “fisting,” which are commonly used in porn.

onlyfans leaks
There are now dozens of sites that offer free onlyfans leaks!

To the uninformed eye, this looks like a minor inconvenience, but to porn veterans, this is just the beginning of a cycle with which we are all too familiar. Spurred on by FOSTA/SESTA, the EARN IT Act, and now SISEA, the future of Internet porn is risky at best.

We’ve seen the fall of Tumblr and Backpage, and sex workers are fighting hard against Facebook and Instagram just to stay visible online. With major payment processors’ recent decision to divorce themselves from Pornhub, we can’t help but feel like Onlyfans is next on the hot seat.

It didn’t take an olive branch from the Vatican to convince payment processors to discriminate against sex work. They’ve been doing it since the beginning, corralling adult content creators in adult-friendly platforms where they are actively taken advantage of, leak or not. Because major financial services like PayPal and Square reject business from sex workers, cam sites and clip sites know they can charge them more to take up space on their platform. The average take-home pay on these types of sites is around $0.60 for every dollar earned.

This makes OnlyFans, an objectively poor-performing site in almost every way, look like a porn star’s paradise, and that’s precisely the problem.

There are over 450,000 content creators on Onlyfans.

So, What Now?

If you want access to hundreds of nudes at a low price, Onlyfans might be the site for you, but it’s not the only one.

Practically every porn site on the net offers some type of fan club feature, so you can support your favorite models on a platform that actually works as intended.

Here are just a couple of sites we know and love that provide a VIP fan club experience:

  • MyFreeCams has MFC Social, where you can follow the site’s cam stars for updates, teasers, and exclusive live shows. (Okay so perhaps MyFreeCams is not the hippest example, but there are many others!)
  • Chaturbate has Fan Clubs where subscribers can unlock photos and videos, discounts, and special shows as well. Our review of Chaturbate.com explains lots of cool things about how that xxx webcam site works too.
  • Streamate even added a Fan Club feature of their own just last year! My streamate review explains more on why I use this dirty cam 2 cam site more than most others! The bottom line Streamate.com is just a way better value for porn than most places like Onlyfans!

So when you are asking what is onlyfans perhaps you will learn a new way to look at porn but the platform onlyfans.com may or may not be the place to support your favorite women who strip on the internet.

Their Fan Clubs allow subscribers to access clips and receive discounts on models’ live performances, but they’ve hinted that even more perks are on the way.

Lastly, let’s look at some of the most widely asked questions about Onlyfans: OnlyFans FAQ

  • What is onlyfan?

Answer: We covered this in detail above, it is essentially a way to offer fans a subscription for amateur porn stars…or anyone!

  • How do onlyfans work?

Answer: A portion of the fee you pay monthly goes to support the site with the majority of it going to the producer. (80% to be exact)

  • Onlyfans what is? 

Answer: (Asked and answered above.

  • How to make money on onlyfans?

Answer: Register as a model at Onlyfans.com

  • What is an onlyfans?

Answer: You’ll tend to ask questions in different ways but this has been answered in full.

  • How to make an onlyfans?

Answer: Setting up an onlyfans account takes just a few minutes. That said, verification can be a pain in the butt.

  • Onlyfans what is it?

Answer: Just in case you asked the question a different way this article explains in detail what onlyfans is.

  • How to download onlyfans videos?

Answer: Downloading videos is not allowed on onlyfans.

  • How much can you make on onlyfans?

Answer: By becoming an onlyfans model.

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