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Avoiding Cam Chat with Girls under 18

Adult webcam sites are websites that offer services between 2 or more consenting adults. A big part of the value is in facilitating discussions between girls and guys who are over the age of 18; as in making sure, they are in fact of legal age. These sites handle the money exchange between cam girls and guys and the viewers of live sex cams. This is just the nuts and bolts of what adult webcams sites are. Adult webcam sites also ensuring the technology to watch live webcams is always up and running for all parties involved, but we would contend what makes them unique is there ensuring the community is all adults and that it’s a safe place to have adult chat. So many times though, we’ve read cam site reviews that fail to recognize that part of the value in adult webcams sites is the fact that trusted adult webcams sites are those that will make it crystal clear that they take all the necessary to filter out minors. In doing so, these adult cam sites thereby remove most of any risk of having an inappropriate webcam show with a girl under 18 (or a guy). That is a big, big deal and it should be something of paramount importance to all users of adult webcams.

Making sure the cam girls you're recreating with are over 18 is a must!
Making sure the cam girls you’re recreating with are over 18 is a must!

Ignorance is No Excuse

In our opinion, again this is a critical aspect of choosing to use or not to use an adult webcam site; all users want to make sure there are never any inadvertent sexual discussions with girls under 18 (or guys). After all, legally speaking ultimately each person is responsible to verify another person’s age and no cam site can lessen your responsibility. What they can do is lessen your risk though and that is why you want to stick to the most professionally operated cam sites, sites that are running their business as it should be run; with all the checks in place. Sex cam sites should have a rigid age enforcement check and cross-check policy that prevents girls under 18 (or guys) from broadcasting at their cam site. As a user of adult webcam sites it’s critical to be able to find an adult cam site where you can know for sure there are no girls under 18 (or guys).  With that being said, this is the reason we include only the most trusted adult cam sites in our reviews.

Making Sure Cam Girls are Over 18 in Webcam Chat

Besides the required 2257 disclosures on all sites and the clearly marked ‘NO MINOR PERMITTED’ language that needs to be present and prominent on all adult cam sites, here are some other things to look for in a webcam chat site that takes a responsible stance against keeping adult content away from minors.

  1. ASACP / RTA LABEL – Restricted to Adult Label / Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection work with U.S. Customs Service and the FBI to enforce anti-child exploitation laws.
  2. Safelabeling.org –  This is a tool for parents to keep minors off that particular website.

Other Concerns Users of Cam Sites Frequently have

Sextortion: By using a reputable cam site you can at least have some degree of assurance that the person you can chatting on cam is focused on business and not going to record you on video chat and extort you with threats of sharing your naked webcam video with your coworkers or family and friends. This article talks about webcam sextortion and its serious ramifications and as you can see in the video below the occurrences of webcam sextortion are on the rise.

Let’s be real; using adult webcam sites does have risks. However, by learning more about what responsible adult webcam sites are doing, we can minimize our risks as users.

Things You Can Do

  1. Report any suspiciously young cam models to the cam site if you ever believe any cam girls may be under 18
  2. Immediately stop using a cam site if, in fact, you see a model that is a minor as this is not a cam site that has proper checks in place. Afterward, report that site to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center by filing a tip here.

In conclusion, these concerns are part of the reason we only include top cam sites in our rankings (and on our site) that we feel certain are operating professionally and have very, very rigid age verification policies in place. Likewise, review sites like ours help remind people to keep adult chat strictly on adult sites! Readers may also be interested in our list of live sex cams.

18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement

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