What is Shagle

Shagle is NOT What it Seems – Warning (Review)

As the site’s name suggests, it’s a site like Omegle for shagging, or as we like to call it in the USA, sex. Welcome to our Shagle review. We will tell you how the random chat site shagle.com works and give you the down-low on the serious risks of using shagle. First off shagle is not on our top cam sites list because it’s frankly not for adult webcam chatting.

What is Shagle & How Does it Work?

Here is what shagle claims to offer on its home page:

Shagle is not what it seems in that most of the users are guys over 18 looking for sex cam chat.

“Fully Anonymous Random Chat Site. You can be anyone you want to be on Shagle, other users will never see your personal information.”

Therein lies the danger. We will get back to that anonymous random chat aspect later but we first want to summarize what this webcams random chat site does offer. Shagle promises and delivers on the claim of connecting random strangers from all over the world for FREE through the use of webcams and a simple one-on-one chat room.

sites like Shagle
Unfortunately, lots of older guys use sites like shagle with bad intent.

On the site’s homepage, Shagle claims to have a 38% female membership within a user base of over 3,000,000 monthly users, which are fair odds for anyone who’s ever been on a webcam chat site or a dating site, especially since you can filter to only speak to members of your preferred gender and location.

The gender makeup can’t be true though because the shagle tests we did showed that it’s more like 85% men and 15% women. The fact is the way they make money is by getting you to register and that is why you are prompted to the join page once you click, “chat with females only”. You’d have to be doubly stupid to register here and be up to no good though.

All About Shagle The Free Random Video Chat Site

Unfortunately, Shagle also boasts discretion and anonymity for all users, claiming that no personal information is required to use the site. In fact, you don’t even have to create an account! This is why cam sites like shagle are shady as hell.

What is Shagle
Shagle is a random chat site like Omegle but with more features and less lenient T.O.S.

This policy, which unfortunately seems to be common among chat sites of this particular genre, can be easily exploited by predators hoping to find a curious minor online since age verification is not necessary to connect to thousands of strangers around the world on Shagle’s platform.

Okay so let me just come right out and say it’s old and young predators are rampant on all the random chat sites; Shagle is just par for the course of sickos.

chat with random girls
Shagle is a site that lets you chat with random girls but it can be dangerous if your intent is sex on cam!

Sure they have a nice concept if only they actually verified the ID of users to keep either only minors or only adults on the site.

They don’t though and that is why sites like Shagle and dirtyroulette are a recipe for disaster.

The other reality some guys are too cheap to even pay for the lowest cost adult cam shows and they think it’s okay to seek out sex cam shows at Shagle.

Clearly, this is a violation of the shagle terms of service but guys do it anyway, risking exposing themselves to committing a crime over the internet.

There are lots of free chat websites but you have to stick to those who carefully vet the audience of who is able to see your cam.

Instead of incorporating these measures to protect its users, Shagle opts for the flimsiest possible method of keeping minors away: burying its “mandatory” age minimum of eighteen into its terms of service and bare-bones list of rules.

In fact, Shagle enthusiastically reports that they have fewer rules than other sites that have “too many rules to obey while chatting,” in order to promote “more fun.” I wouldn’t call being on the lookout for stray children on a hookup site “fun.”

Shagle Features

Shagle.com Features
Shagle.com even features this crazy Donald Trump mask.

So Shagle does have some cool functions like:

  • VIP badges
  • location-based random chat
  • Filter to chat with girls all over the world or just in one country
  • face masks including Donald Trump and cat whiskers…as well as dozens of others
  • Unique ability to go back if you go next

As expected, rules concerning nudity and sexual activity are entirely absent from Shagle’s list of rules, leaving the possibility of an X-rated encounter open to all users. If you dig really deep into the terms of service it is there but that is by design very deceptive!

Shagle also has all these crazy masks you can cover your face with. This makes sites like shagle even dicier. At least here you get selection in who you are chatting with, unlike reallifecam. Nevertheless, if you are after adult video chat neither of these are the right types of webcam chat sites to be using.

Shagle masks
Shagle masks are one of the features that sets shagle apart.

Sites Like Shagle Completely Miss the Mark

The fundamentals of random cam sites like shagle are all the same, but the underlying intended use is where people get the wrong idea. People use shagle as if it were designed or intended to be adult cams when it’s not.

The creators of shagle have made this site so stupid-easy to access that it’s frankly their hope that people won’t take the time to read the terms of service. They actually encourage misuse by not making sure that it’s either just adults or that all conversations are monitored.

That’s not ok! Ask yourself why else a cursory scan of this cam site is filled with half-naked people on cam hiding their faces like the examples we found and shared here.

We compared what people are searching for to give some relevance to how popular random cams, stranger chat; and ultimately sites like shagle have become. You can see from the search trends below what I am talking about. Ironically, adult cams get far fewer searches but it’s actually sex cam chat that people are after in most cases when they visit shagle.

about shagle
Shagle is a seedy random video chat site any way you slice it. Yes, it’s more advanced than Flingerster and Omegle but the fundamental flaws are the same. You just cannot mix adults and men with underage girls on a random webcam site!

We took a deep dive into what states Shagle was most used in as well and found out that Kentucky, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, and Wisconsin are where most users come from.

Moreover, we also noted that Shagle is near its 5 year high going into 2024, with more people than ever using this and other sites like Shagle.

Shagle Review Summary
Shagle Review
When writing this Shagle review this is one of the guys we saw with his hand down his pants. Apparently, he is one of the tens of thousands who use this site to jack off to unsuspecting girls.

While this sounds tantalizing and exciting for adults looking for naughty nude shows from anonymous strangers, Shagle’s hands-free approach to age verification makes minors joining the site that much more vulnerable to being exposed to pornographic material. If you are after sex cam chat read about all the best sex webcam sites.

Anyone sane and thinking like a healthy normal adult would read this shagle review or others like it and steer clear of shagle. However, it seems as if lots of sickos continue to use this random cams website as a place to act out like a pervert.

The sites on that list are actually designed for and safe to use for adult webcam chat. While it might be easy to dismiss the site’s accountability and suggest that parents themselves monitor or otherwise limit their child’s browsing experience, Shagle’s nonchalant terms of service do nothing to ward off curious teens.

Since they know that sites like Shagle are hot places for predators we think they should do more to warn users who may be laying in wait.

Shagle is for Random Chat G-Rated, Not an Adult Cam Site!

It’s not surprising that most of Shagle’s users are on the hunt for free webcam naughtiness, but there are plenty of safer alternatives than a random chat site. Connecting to verified adult models on cam sites like Streamate.com guarantees you can skip the small talk and dive straight into action–without asking for their ID!

As I have been using this cam site for a decade trouble-free I am always confident that it’s an excellent shagle alternative for truly live sex cams. Our Streamate review takes a super deep dive into what they offer. Likewise, you can also explore ImLive.com if you love camwhores getting wild and kinky. 

Lastly, if you are a regular reader of the site you will note that we have been discussing random chat sites quite a bit as of late. The reason why is simple. We merely want to remind people that there are inherent risks of going into random webcam chats with complete strangers. It should be no surprise to most to learn that a large number of men (sad but true) still think that whatever happens on the webcam is make belief and they are not responsible for it. This is of course completely foolish but the sheer numbers of guys seeking to show their dicks off at shagle and sites like Shagle are all the evidence you really need.

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