Tips on Using Fetish Live Sex Cams

As researchers of live adult video chat sites aka live sex cams we are constantly surprised at the ingenuity of internet marketers; and the general confusion that results for users of live sex cams as a result. What were referring to is the fact that anyone who has been using adult video chat can tell you that the top fetish sex cams sites are well-known platforms with dozens of niches. The fact is that there are zero fetish only cam sites, unless their white label copies that merely limit content to other niches. However, it seems that because sex cams have become so popular so fast it seems the internet has yet to learn that most fetish cam girls and internet models that provide live BDSM shows are on these main large adult webcam sites we refer to above and below. Allow me to explain…

There is currently a massive amount of duplicate adult cam sites online, of which 90% of these are fake and clone sex cam sites. There are thousands of these duplicated cam sites and in just the fetish cams niche at least 10 clones that we have found in online search. These are nothing more than affiliate programs that cloud peoples judgement about which the top fetish chat sites REALLY are. Unless you are talking about having just fetish cam girls onscreen, there is zero benefit to using a clone site. The original platform you see has the same fetish webcams plus tens of thousands or more models. Plus there is no middle man and it’s an original or real fetish cam site. First off, I’d refer readers to our real fetish cam site reviews. That is a must read if you are looking to compare live fetish webcam shows. Now let’s talk about these others that have managed to find their way to the top of search.

10 Fetish Cam Sites that Just Clones

Fetish cam sites are becoming more popular.
  • is a clone cam site that purports to be the best cam site for slave cams which is a fetish interest based on the idea of having a personal sex slave on webcams. It’s just a duplicate site of ImLive cams though. That’s right it’s part of a webmaster program where someone somewhere made a logo and selected fetish models only they pasted their logo over the top of ImLive. ImLive is the company that your really using and the actual cam site is called Read more in the ImLive reviews.
  • Next up we have a tricky little cam site called ‘BDSM Cam Sex’ which is located at They report that the site is the best BDSM cam site. We beg to differ. Here is the truth; this bdsm webcam site is in fact just a copy of LiveJasmin. There is ZERO benefit to joining this supposed live fetish cams site because if you join the actual site that power this site and click on the fetish niche you get a larger selection of both fetish cam girls and other cam girls who maybe just an interested in fetish but have not ticked that box yet. You also see fewer new cam girls at the BDSM branded cam site! Read the facts about the site that powers this cam site in the LiveJasmin reviews.
  • Another purveyor of overblown claims in the area of foot fetish live webcams is Yes they offer feet cams, but their just narrowing down your options with a modified version of ImLive yet again. Who wants fewer choices? We sure don’t. is the real site here.
Humiliation cam shows believe it or now are a big thing. This is where the women humiliates the man, but sometimes the roles are reversed.
  • Female domination in the area of live sex shows makes up perhaps as much as 40% of the sex cam shows that take place. So it’s no surprise a few cam sites have laid claim to being the #1 place for female domination on webcam. However, yet again this distinction has to go to the cam sites that offer the broadest selection and; even though they claim to be, is not the best place online for femdom cams. This particular fem dom cam site also a clone of LiveJasmin. No kidding, so here you have 4 supposed fetish cam sites, of which their actually only 2 real cam sites. Even funnier is the feet cam site also claims to be the best sex slaves cam site. How can that be?
There are a number of BDSM live webcams sites but few are unique.
  • Dominatrix cams also falls under female domination but people sometimes refer to these sites are more extreme fetish cam sites. The site we found that suggest they offer this is called The truth though is that the dominatrix cams and all the models and the entire platform is really a close of No kidding! is a great site of course and you can read more about that is the reviews. Our question though is if you are after live dominatrix webcam shows why would you want to join a clone site when you get tons more options at the base platform cam site that powers that niche site? Of course it makes more sense to join at than join this supposed dominatrix cam site.
  • Lastly we have a well-known brand in Kink who used to offer a real original fetish cam site called that offered Kink cams. The reality now is that this site collapsed as the company found having an original platform was too much work. Their originally not a live content company and they instead leverage their brand to bring attention to their copy site of Flirt4Free. However, you are far better served just joining the actual underlining Flirt4Free platform as we shared in our Flirt4Free reviews. You get all the kinky cam shows you would on KinkLive but 10x’s more models.

Your take-away after reading this research on fetish sex cams should be that things are not always as they appear. You have to be aware of a resource like ours to understand what is really going on with adult webcam sites. As you can see from us taking 5 fetish cam sites and testing and trying them their was actually just 3 real fetish cam sites and none of them were actually based on the urls or domain names above. This is why we say, fetish cams sites is an interest area of live cams that is quite hard to navigate. Bdsm cams or rather live bdsm cam sites is much the same in that a few clone sites rank well but are not the best places to go for this type of adult webcam chat.

In conclusion, if it’s live fetish sex shows you are after stick to the original platforms and then read up first on how each of these cam sites offer.

The first step is to read this list of the top ranked cam sites. Want to a shortcut? Frankly the best fetish cam site is not even the actual underlining cam sites that power any of these sites above. If you want to know which fetish chat site is top overall read the streamate reviews.

Tips on Using Fetish Live Sex Cams
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