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5 Cheapest Cam Sites – Lowest Price Sex Cams

If there is one drawback of adult video chat sites it is the fact that free cam sites really don’t exist and I’d be lying to you if I told you they did. There are a number of cheap sex cams alternatives to the more expensive adult webcam shows though.

So today we are discussing super cheap sex webcam sites.

The first option is using adult webcam sites that offer you the ability to search for cheap cam girls. Secondarily, for those seeking cheap webcam sex, we offer you this list of the cheapest cam sites

List of the 5 Cheapest Cam Sites

cheap cam sites 
Our List of the Cheapest Cam Sites.

As far as cheap cam sites, we suggest you try adult video chat sites in this order to get the lowest prices on nude chat.

  1. Streamate offers the most per minute when it comes to the cheapest cam sites. The option of having a card on file is how most guys who use cam girl chat sites frequently save the most. After all, it makes no sense to buy sex cam tokens or credits unless you’re going to use them at the same time. doesn’t box you in with its pay as you go method. (Full streamate review)
  2. Chaturbate private shows are actually one of the lower-priced sex cam options online. There are fewer Chaturbate girls focused on private versus the group shows on but it’s a good way to save money on sex cams if you have the time to search them out. (Full chaturbate review)
  3. ImLive happy hour has cheap adult cams at just 80 cents per minute but the selection is not as good as either Streamate or Chaturbate. is the cheap live porn site I use most often from my mobile. (Full imlive review)
  4. LiveJasmin just added a way to find cheap cam girls in early 2024. You can now search for the cheapest cam girls on using the cost search feature. (Full livejasmin review)
  5. StripChat has taken away market share from many of the top cam sites over the past few years. It’s still the clunkiest of all these cheap adult webcam sites but their prices for live sex webcam shows are among the lowest as well. generally costs me about $1.80 for live sex webcam shows. (Full stripchat review)

Find Cheap Webcam Sex on a Small Budget

Camgirl sites are a premium service, so while you’re never going to find women who will strip for you for free, trying these cheap webcam sex sites is a great way to lower your adult entertainment budget.  We’ve been using live sex sites for over 15 years now and these are in fact the cheapest cam sites on the web.

Cheap Webcam Sex
Like getting laid for free, finding cheap webcam sex requires more time than just logging onto an adult cam site and selecting any cam girls.

Just never spend more than you can afford to on pleasure services (adult or not). If you find you are doing so maybe it’s time to scale back. It is never healthy to find yourself in a position where you don’t have enough money left over at the end of the month. With that said, if you are among those seeking to pay the least for nude webcam chat any of these 5 websites would be a great place to start.

Likewise, lots of cam sites claim to offer cheap sex cams but most webcam sex shows range between $2.50 to $4.00 per minute and upwards.

Each of the nude models determines his or her own rate and that is how webcam sites avoid having to classify cam girls as employees which would require them to pay employment tax.

That said cheap cam girls do exist and more often than not either girls who are totally new to camming and don’t yet know their value and those who have a strategy of staying on cam long hours and staying in private shows as frequently as possible.

Finding cheap webcam sex though is akin to hunting for free sex, you are going to have to work for it. Therefore if you value your time and just want to see which cam sites tend to offer the lowest prices for sex cams start with the sites on this list.

Having used more than 20 live porn sites for the past 10 years I can tell you that this is about as good as it gets as far as cheap adult cams.

cheap cam sites
Your guide to getting the most for your money in live sex and cheap cam sites.

Also, keep in mind there are outliers. For example, some cam girls have really low rates while others are maybe super expensive. In one of the descriptions above we have given guidance on what searches will help you find the lower-cost cam girls and the names of the lowest priced live sex shows.

Try Searching for Cheap Cam Girls

It all goes back to how much time you have and also understanding the currencies of different low-cost sex cam sites.

For example, Chaturbate uses tokens while ImLive and LiveJasmin use credits.

Lastly, streamate uses just good old American dollars as their site currency. It’s like an online titty bar where you are in a private room with nude girls. I like to be able to easily tell the cost per minute without doing any fucking math while I am masturbating. I don’t know about you. Maybe you can do calculus and orgasm too; if so more power to you! 🙂 

For me, I gravitate towards Streamate naturally. doesn’t force-feed you these native currency concepts so you are never buying more than what you use as far as time with cam girls. That is, in most people’s view the best way to go when it comes to using live sex sites.

On average they also rank among the best cheap adult webcam sites.

Live porn used to cost much more than it does nowadays and the reason the prices for live sex have declined so much is simply due to an oversupply.

The oversupply is though is artificially impacted by the fact the platforms have minimums and costs to deliver high-quality feeds and administer their sites; bandwidth and such.

At first, it was a wave of Romanian cam girls followed by tens of thousands of Colombian women, but over the last few years, lots of Eastern European women from former Soviet Union countries have flocked to camming. For many women in these parts of the world making $50.00 in a day it a very large amount of money which is not possible in normal lines of work.

If a cam girl were making 50% of what users paid on the site and the cost of live sex was 1 dollar per minute if the model was active in private shows for just 120 minutes she’d have earned 60 US dollars on a 50% split.

This is course would not interest most women in the United States, most of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or in many other parts of the world where wages and earnings are much higher. This is the reason why there is an oversupply of cam girls, prices though are stable due to also an increasing demand from men in general for live sex shows.

If that were not the case there would be tens of thousands of cam girls under a dollar a minute and all cam sites would offer cheap adult cams. This is due to the fact that there is a massive number of cam girls in 3rd world countries and developing nations ready and willing to strip on cam for what might seem cheap to you and me.

cheap webcam sites
It’s hard to believe, but yes there are cam girls charging under a dollar a minute at cheap webcam sites.

There you can have, those are the cheapest cam sites and ways to save some cold hard cash with adult webcams! Just whatever you do avoid the random cams temptation, where a lack of age verification could change your life forever if you make a stupid move.

The fact is dozens of men whip their dicks out on these random chat sites and end up being seen by police stings.

You see (as we warn readers in our reviews of sites like dirtyroulette, shagle, and omegle; these are not even designed to be used for adult purposes. Yet each year sickos and dumb fucks alike try to save a buck and abuse general free chat sites. Fuck those nasty sites and look at our best cheap big tits models from cheap sex chat sites for webcam sex.

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