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RealLifeCam Review, Prices and What to Expect! (Shocking Truth)

Since 2011, RealLifeCam promises an unedited view of “the private life of other people.” Inside the homes of each participant in RealLifeCam’s voyeuristic endeavor, several cameras work around the clock to provide viewers with a next-level virtual reality show: life itself. The cameras’ subjects are real people surrendering all privacy to allow RealLifeCam to broadcast their most intimate moments. As scintillating as this seems, life rarely imitates art. Expect Netflix binges, sleep, even absence, all for the thrill of maybe catching the hot girlfriend undress or the boyfriend workout in the living room.

reallifecam review
If you want an honest reallifecam review you got it. I actually paid to watch this fat bitch clean her fan.

RealLifeCam What To Expect

I decided to check the site out for myself and was met with a surprisingly dated-looking homepage considering all of the advanced features RealLifeCam promises. Their state of the art cameras is equipped with motion detection. And so are most cameras for the home these days. So big hoopty do. As far as the reallifecam prices, standard members can view up to three private streams simultaneously. So there are 3 feeds. Wait for it though folks.

THERE ARE JUST 10 TOTAL ROOMS! RealLifeCam Standard membership bundle that costs $19.95/month is what you’d get free at most of the top cam sites. What there are selling is an idea that they offer hidden sex cams or voyeur cams; which is a lie considering all your paying to see is live porn with limited rooms and lots of boring shit in between.

Then 20 minutes later at RealLifeCam, I found myself trying to get horny to the same bitch cleaning her fan. It felt wrong in every way!

This high-tech perk, in combination with the site’s RLC Replay and RLC Remote for Premium members honestly had me impressed. Then I joined and was bored as fuck. I ended up using the site for a week though because I wanted to really give it a chance and also make sure our reallifecam review covered all the aspects of what they have to offer.

For hardcore voyeur cams fans, a RealLifeCams Premium+Replay membership, sold by the site costs $34.95 per month. I didn’t upgrade because what I saw at the basic level showed me everything I needed to know. The fact is, if you can manage to navigate the site’s highly confusing application process to even fucking join you too are going to feel like you just got taken as well. RealLifeCams application process for Premium membership is so mind-boggling, it even comes with…a mathematical equation! I shit you not. That said, there is not enough value here to justify the reallifecam prices.

sites like reallifecam
Sites like reallifecam all seem so staged….it is honestly hard to find anything to jack off to here.

It’s early days in the realm of voyeur house sites and live voyeur cams. This concept has a place in the adult webcam industry but to drive value sites like reallifecam must also give you a 2nd option where you can skip directly to some webcam girl shows when times are slow. That is what we felt like was missing and how reallifecam can improve their offerings.

The following excerpt is pulled directly from the site’s FAQ page:

RealLifeCam Prices to Join and Membership Benefits

“Contact us with an Upgrade Recalculation request and we’ll recalculate your Premium Membership expiration date with this simple formula: 1,5 days of Standard Membership = 1 day of Premium Membership. For example, if you have 15 days left of your Standard Membership and join us with the Premium Option for $44,95 per 30 days then after recalculation you will get 30 + (15 / 1,5) = 40 days of the Premium Membership.”

Uh, what?

It’s get’s worse though as far as the boring voyeur cams feed here.  Check out the battle scars of this broad.

real life cams
The idea of real life cams might be hot but this all too real. I found myself watching a middle-aged woman in dirty underwear making soup. OH HELL NO!

Listen, guys, I have now tested 3 sites like reallifecam such as voyeur house tv and camarads and their all a bust. The voyeur videos they offer are shit you can find for free online and the reallifecamhd aspect is pointless if the site itself lacks enough action; which is the exact issue here. Reallifecam sex is about as rare as a unicorn! Moreover, girls are not attractive in most cases.

RealLifeCam Review Summary

Okay, so let’s assume you manage to make sense of your membership. You should be free to enjoy all the non-stop entertainment you want, right? Well, not exactly. Even with all the site’s technological modernizations, again there are only ten available apartments available to view!

There is just not enough variety to keep the cams interesting, especially once you become familiar with the subjects’ usual routines.

This was probably as big of a ripoff as clone cam sites like jerkmate, to be honest.

As such, RealLifeCams is hardly a playground for mainstream adult entertainment fans; at least not those who prefer more engaging streams where they can actually interact with the model. On Streamate (review at that link), you’ll find thousands of amateur models online at any given time, so it’s impossible not to find some naughty fun along the way. This is what I would actually call real life cams as well since these are not paid live porn actresses in all cases. Most of the girls one webcam at these sites are amateurs and they actually offer voyeur sex cams in that you can look in on women masturbating and girls getting fucked live.

Best of all, lots of these naked girls are really brand new to adult entertainment. That is the kinda shit you want to pump the keg to! Not this…

voyeur house
Meanwhile, somewhere in Bulgaria, some unemployed women are making $3.00 an hour to be in a voyeur house. Sad but true.
Try Sites Like RealLifeCam, but that Offer More Real Live Webcams!

Don’t spend your night watching someone else’s Netflix and chill. Try Streamate.com instead! We’ve been doing the jibber-jabber on this webcam site for eons now. We also compare all the best sex cam sites for you so you can spend more of your time wanking to hot girls without getting the shaft from webcam sites that don’t offer much in the way of value. 

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Lastly, if I had one bit of advice to offer everyone thought it would be to steer clear of all the shady random chat sites like Omegle and DirtyRoulette. It’s not that they are such a ripoff like voyeur cams, it’s just that they lack age verification and can land you in a shit-ton of hot water if you act out your sex fantasies on those cam sites.

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