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Most Popular Free Chat Websites

Today we are talking about the most popular free chat websites for adults over 18. The focus is on free cams as well as where you will stay safe and get the best deals for safe sex chat.

First of all, T.C.S. is all about researching all the top cam sites, but we also realize that lots of our readers have run across different forms of free chat and free cam sites.

Therefore, it makes sense for us to discuss these other free cams and how they work as well. 

For example, many people want to know if there are any concerns regarding the safety of chat roulette sites or real life cams.

Others are maybe curious if real-life cams are even real. Lastly, some people may be asking which supposed free cam sites are genuine and which are just silly webmaster gimmick designed to deceive me.

Before I delve into some of the key differences I should note that and are the two best free sex webcam sites. There is also a list of sites like Chaturbate which you may want to check out as well.

chat websites
We looked at the different types of free chat on the internet and what we found was interesting.

First off, it’s great that you as asking because there really is a lot you need to know to use chat sites for adults.

The Free Chat Landscape for Adults is Hazardous

So let’s start at the beginning. Many people who visit our site have run across the dozens of popular chat roulette or real life cams that are cropping us these days. If this sounds like you, you may have dodged a bullet if you have not tried these webcams sites. Let me explain.

As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This could not be more true than when it comes to trying to get live sex from free chat sites or even free cams. It’s a REALLY bad idea!

Real Life Cams are Bogus

The newest trend in free cams chat is a unique voyeur take on adult cams, but with a strong inference that users have no idea, they are being filmed. The concept behind these so-called voyeur cams sites is bogus.

Dozens of so-called voyeur cam sites have come online in the past 24 months and they are all very similar with the same general offerings. People are rightfully curious and voyeuristic by nature so we understand how they can be tricked into thinking real life cams are actually real hidden spy cams. However, that is simply untrue.

Live voyeur cam sites are basically voyeur houses with cameras in all the rooms. The issue is that idea is always better than the reality of it. They are suffering the same issues.

  1. unattractive participants
  2. feeling of being staged
  3. action too slow
  4. not enough selection
reallifecam claims to offer hidden spy cam shows but it’s a farce. The voyeur cams concept is also untrue as their all paid actors and the site costs nearly $40.00 per month for basic access.

These are just real actors on these cam sites, but legit adult webcam sites offer massively better values!

Likewise, while they claim to offer free cams, the fact remains that real life cam sites are all premium sites including the most widely known one called reallifecam as well as the 2nd most frequented which is called camarads. These fake real life cams are also on average more expensive than even the legit and best sex cams sites.

Reallifecam is a scam or sorts based on the fact they are charging twice the price of most other video chat sites; sites that offer twice the end-user-value.

Judging by how many people have registered at these reallifecam types of sites; there are lots of suckers in this world. However, as someone who has tested and tried hundreds of free cams sites, I can tell you from direct experience that reallifecam is a complete waste of time.

Chat Roulette Sites are NOT SAFE!

Really if I were you I would stick with and

Sites like sexcamly, omexxx, camingle, livestrip, and chatrandom are also not safe alternatives for a free chat either. This because in fact free cams such as these are designed to meet new friends, not for online sex hookups. The lack of rigid age verification invites a mix between youth and men who misuse such sites and do not understand or choose to ignore the differences between these and adult cams.

free chat
Everybody loves a free chat, but on random chat cam sites you get mostly males and most of those are in far off lands such as this guy from West Bengal India.

The reason why so many of these sites are taken offline quickly after they become popular is because they do not age verify members and few people read the rules or understand that it’s possible for minors to easily access such sites.

This is also why so many sites like chatrandom are hosted in some bizarre places like Cyprus; far away from the long arm of the law.

Oftentimes owners of these sites are impossible to find and support does not exist.

If you are seeking sex chat or free cams for adults the responsibility is yours to make sure that your speaking with an adult. Period.

Proceed with extreme caution when using chat roulette sites for sex chat because of this and do not engage in exhibitionist behaviors.

Personally, I would never even consider discussing any adult topics with a user one chat roulette sites even if I got a copy of their identity because of the risks.

If it’s free cams for adults you are after, then masturbation cam sites are the only safe bet.

Clone Free Chat Cam Sites Try To Trick Users

You can get more than you bargained for if you think that Camsurf is intended to be free cams for adults.

Camsurf which also has an exact duplicate of itself at and Slutroulette are the two most confusing free cams sites because they are really just a wrapper of sorts around other free chat platforms.

The irony is that the real value is joining these free chat cam sites directly versus enriching the affiliates that have created these gimmicks to get you to register via a clone or white label version with their own brand over the top of real platforms.

In the case of Camsurf your mere are seeing Chaturbate free cams. Like most, you probably had no idea camsurf is just a silly method to get you to think you are getting something special and unique but in fact, the registration for camsurf merely signs you up for that other service.

Meanwhile, slutroulette is not really one of the best free chat sites at all because it’s a cam site but not original either.

As you probably guessed it this site is a clone too, but for Streamate and the original version is actually at

Free Adult Cams Offer The Most Value to Users and Safety

The bottom line in free chat for adults is that you have to really study up on which sites are actually legit and safe because if you do not you could end up in a world of frustration or worse, legal hot water. Chat roulette sites are not safe for adult chat and most people unknowingly assume that these free cams sites are, “adult safe”. You need to know that you can end up being charged with a crime if you were to say pull your dick out and show it to a random stranger on chatroulette sites.

The same is true with dirtyroulette, shagle, and dozens of other sites like chatroulette. It’s not a pass to be a fucking pervert when you use sites like chatroulette. Steer clear of random chat sites that age verification as well as so-called voyeur cams which never offer a value to match the cost!

free cams
Free cams vary in types but you really need to look closely at each site and go with a platform that performs age verification.

While we are not saying this is the motive of everyone using these free chat sites has, we also are keenly aware that if your reading about free cams or trying to find an adult free chat you’re probably expecting that sites which pop up in searches for free chat are fair game for sex chat. That is not true and you really should think about what you do on those free cams sites.

If nothing more, we simply urge everyone to read the terms of service at both random cams types of sites as well as both real life cams and chat roulette sites. Better yet, avoid them and go to adult cam sites with stringent age verification!

Of those safe adult webcam chat sites, we have ranked them by cost with our list of the cheapest cam sites. Start there and find the site of which you feel the most comfortable. 

You can also read our reviews about all the live sex sites then decide for yourself which ones are a good fit for you and offer you the level of safety you feel comfortable with. On the lighter side, maybe you just want to peruse some of the hottest cam girls on the web or read all the cam site reviews.

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