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It’s pretty hard to score a rank of 1 and get bad reviews across the board, at least for any legit adult chat site. That said dirtyroulette is just that crappy of a cam site. It would help if you were asking how Dirty Roulette pulled that off. Let’s talk about it…

DirtyRoulette is just a scam and the entire reason the site was created was to trick you into registering as a user of a different adult webcams site. for the chaturbate affiliate program. So while people are out asking what dirtyroulette costs to use or what other sites like dirtyroulette are out there let’s expose the truth! This cam site is a made-up brand atop Chaturbate.com!

While chaturbate (reviews) at that link does in fact offer a free adult chat room with cams; at least to some degree, the wrong way to approach it is suggesting that the service is somehow unique. The owners of dirty roulette are just laying another brand over the top a legit live sex site and trying to make a buck from you registering at their affiliate site.

dirtyroulette.com is a scam designed to make you register for an adult webcams site called Chaturbate,

That’s the truth about dirtyroulette! So on that notion, we will pretend dirty roulette is legit and discuss it as it were; but just because we want people to be aware of what is happening at this xxx webcams site.

Once people find out they’re going to of course just register at the actual platform that supplies the entire experience; Chaturbate.

An Honest DirtyRoulette Review

So here is exactly what dirtyroulette.com does: They have a script running that hops you through random adult webcam shows from Chaturbate. There is NOTHING UNIQUE at DirtyRoulette.com except a logo.

The best advice I can give you is to stick to the top cam sites.

As a matter of fact, as you can see from these two screenshots not even the fake site on top of dirtyroulette is their own. Thus they borrow flingster for the silly random chat part of the site and then force join you to the cam site I just told you about.

It’s doubly offensive due to the lack of disclosure. Ok so perhaps the tiny ass disclosure has all that but it should be clear to all without reading the fine print. 

dirty roulette
See how it says dirty roulette is powered by flingster!

And here you can see how the top layer of this site is identical to flingster as well.

flingster is the real site and even that one sucks, dirtyroulette just uses their platform!

DirtyRoulette Costs and Prices

Sex webcam shows on dirty roulette run about 4 dollars per minute 1 on 1, or you can optionally tip in public sex webcam shows.

More Sites Like Dirty Roulette

As far as a site like Dirty Roulette we suggest Streamate because they do not play any tricks and you get 1-on-1 sex webcam shows for less. (reviews at that link) Also, consider reading our post about random chat sites and other supposedly free chat cam sites. Shagle is another one of these free random video chat sites like DirtyRoulette that you really need to stay entirely away from if you want sex on cam or to even chat about sex on cam.

I should also share how I came across this site at first. I was actually doing some research on the best adult chat sites and I stumbled onto a top sex blog called LustFel.com. I can see why they ranked it much lower than most of the other top dirty chat sites now too.

Pros of dirty roulette cams

  • dirty roulette – We are not ever going to go there with this site because of the level of deception. It’s just a fake cam site laid over top of another. Avoid this adult webcam scam.

Cons of Dirty Roulette cams

  • Dirty Roulette has a pretty logo, and that’s pretty said there is nothing better to say about it. Being deceptive though is never something we can credit a cam site for, and there is no reason why this cam site does not disclose that they’re actually just a landing page script laid over another adult webcams site.
Picture of Dirty Roulette Webcams Home Page
Dirty Roulette Reviews
Dirty Roulette Reviews
Conclusion of DirtyRoulette.com Reviews

Since Dirty Roulette won’t tell you the truth we will also link you back to the real xxx cams that are being offered here, a popular and good adult webcams site where you know what you are getting into the name of the REAL cam site here is Chaturbate.com. Do not fall for the dirty roulette tricks instead just go register at their partner site which is Chaturbate. Better yet check out some of our fun lists like the one with the best JOI cams.

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