“Talk to Strangers!” on Omegle…at your own risk (Review & Warning)

Similar to ChatRoulette, Omegle is a barebones random chat website with one sole purpose: “Talk to strangers!” As promised, the site matches you up with one other random Internet stranger via text and webcam chat with no registration necessary. This is our Omegle review and I think you will be surprised by what you read and learn about this strangers webcam chat site.

Similar to ChatRoulette
Omegle is similar to ChatRoulette

First off, its simplistic, no-frills design makes it incredibly easy to use and has been a cure for Internet boredom since 2009 but it’s not that simple. Omegle recommends that users be at least thirteen years of age with parental consent to use its moderated chat rooms, with unmoderated chat rooms and NSFW-specific conversations advertised as limited to adults only.

Omegle Controversy

Before January 2013, Omegle chat rooms were left completely unmoderated, leaving its user base completely vulnerable to inappropriate conduct by strangers online. Since then, the site has added moderated chat rooms (retaining the initial unmoderated version as an available option) in order to help protect users, particularly minors, from seedy behavior. They’ve even added a warning on their homepage that reads, “Predators have been known to use Omegle, so please be careful.” But despite all of these well-meaning measures, Omegle can’t control what happens in their chat rooms past banning malicious users if and when reported or observed.

Omegle chat rooms
Omegle chat rooms are full of strangers. Not all of them have good intentions.

They even flat out admit this at the bottom of their homepage, before and after suggesting that worried parents enable parental controls on the devices their children access. Based on these details, I just can’t help but feel like Omegle’s homepage would seem a lot less foreboding if they just made everyone register and verify themselves in order to use the site.

Omegle Flimsy Security

Because of Omegle’s questionable determination to completely free, no registration required access to online strangers, age verification is practically non-existent. Omegle’s version of “age verification” is a pop-up window that I didn’t even read before banishing it by clicking a small white box that promised the site I was indeed in the age of majority. This window appears before users opt for the unmoderated version of Omegle as well as the “Adults” section of the site, which brings me to…

We’re not in Omegle Anymore

LiveJasmin. Yes. With absolutely no warning or explanation, clicking the “Adults” link on Omegle’s homepage whisks the user away to a full-on cam site that doesn’t even operate under a white label!

Normally, this would be upsetting, especially since you might assume that by clicking “Adults,” you are simply interacting with others who have also banished the age-check window away.

However, this is probably, ironically, the best feature Omegle has to offer its adult users. Check out the list of best webcam sites like Omegle for a more clarified approach toward safe webcam chat.

Omegle is simply a place to talk to strangers. It’s a PASS though for adult use due to the dangers.

At least you have to register as an adult to use LiveJasmin (review at that link) or Streamate (review at that link).

Omegle Review
Others just like to talk to strangers but we think it should have age verification to protect minors.

Overall, I think the premise of Omegle is good, clean fun. It’s a cool place set aside to meet people with that you normally would never interact in your day-to-day life. But as with all public spaces, there is absolutely no guarantee that it will be used as intended.

As Omegle itself repeatedly states, “[people] are solely responsible for their own behavior,” which is a statement rung true in whichever space you occupy, virtual or not.

Regardless, I sincerely hope that the site adds mandatory registration for all users to make the site a little harder to abuse in the future as well as more stringent age verification for its unmoderated version.

Omegle Review Summary

As an adult site in and of itself, Omegle is a waste of time, especially since your chances of encountering a minor or even a predator are alarmingly high.

Just try your hand at the “Adults” section and you’ll see how shady Omegle webcams are. Instead, sign up for a site we have used problem free for 10 years that is safe and designed for age-verified adults only!

Lastly, Omegle is often misspelled as omegal, omgle, omegele, omegel, omeagle, or the ‘omegle website’ by those who are not really familiar with it and may have heard about it from a friend.

Likewise, there are now lots of knockoffs and sites like Omegle including ome tv, but it’s best to skip over all of them especially dirtyroulette.

Video chat sites without age verification are a recipe for disaster. We strongly encourage anyone wanting nude chat to stick with safe and legit adult cam sites like

We have a list of the vetted webcam sex sites which is limited to just the very top sex cam sites.

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