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Jerkmate Review (Not a Scam, but not Free)

With all these cam sites promising men mind-blowing cybersex online, there’s gotta be somewhere for us ladies to get our rocks off…right? Well luckily for us, there’s at least one cam site out there that’s desperately trying to get our attention: Jerkmate. Unfortunately, Jerkmate is about as appealing to women as mansplaining, which, ironically, is exactly how this platform attempts to pitch its site. Look I hate cons and jerkmate is a landing page over the top of Steamate and not a damn thing besides that. Sure, is great but why the fuck would anyone want to enrich a bunch of affiliates by getting sold on streamate and then registering via jerkmate cams.

For some inexplicable reason, Jerkmate’s homepage tries to sell women female masturbation by delving into its inherently taboo nature. In fact, Jerkmate’s spiel is so out of touch with its target audience that it brazenly spouts blanket misconceptions like:

  • Masturbation is a secret and forbidden topic that women never discuss.
  • Women, overall, would rather masturbate with a partner than by themselves.
  • We can’t “make [our]selves cum as easily as men,” and therefore we only “masturbate less than half the time that men do.”

What is Jerkmate Anyway?

To be honest, lots of people are still asking what is jerk mate. Jerkmate Cams Are NOT EVEN Legit or Real so the question is sort of irrelevant but for those wanting to know more about this faux sex cam site where you go…

Jerkmate review
Jerkmate cams are not free nor legit because it takes the average person an hour to determine that in fact, this xxx webcams site is a clone of another.

Aside from having a sales pitch that sounds like a Sex Ed lecture from your local parish, Jerkmate isn’t even a real cam site–it’s a cleverly disguised Streamate white label.

At first glance, Jerkmate throws us off the trail with a totally different layout than its parent site. Instead of the familiar array of previews we’re used to seeing on Streamate’s homepage, we get a pop-up box that first asks new users for their preferred gender to view and asks us to log in.

As we go to log in, we are greeted by a much more familiar interface on along with some very recognizable links. Yes if you landed on the site without models displayed which tries to force you to register then

To confirm my suspicions, I decided to explore the site’s FAQ page, which goes into detail about Private Chat, Exclusive Chat, GOLD Shows, and Cam2Cam, among other trademark Streamate site features. Bottom line is that just don’t use jerkmate for what you get at for free. Use the true jerkmate source site called Streamate because all you get at this clone is access to Jerkmatelive. 

Frankly, the creators of jerkmatelive are basically doing the same silly things that pornhublive (review at that link) are in that they want you to believe this is a unique offering of some sort.

Jerkmate Features and Costs (The Jerkmate is Free Claim is a Lie!)

But Jerkmate’s charade doesn’t stop at the pop-up box. Once this is dismissed, a short questionnaire about our age and preferences appears and matches us with a random cam to suit our tastes, which is, in all honesty, a pretty neat concept, especially for Jerkmate newcomers. But if you’re a Streamate aficionado, these “random” cams might not seem all that random to you.

Jerkmate doesn’t just rip off Streamate’s features. As a white-label, it also hosts all of Streamate’s models, which can be a huge let-down for members looking for a fresh face to chat with. Moreover, it seems that Jerkmate is only navigational via tags, which can make browsing difficult for members with more specific tastes, not to mention super slow as demonstrated in the image below.

So the jerkmatelive features list really can’t be credited to watching jerkmate girls!

  • Search by webcam girl niche
  • Find cam girls by location
  • Enhance the view or resolutions based on your internet speed
  • Star webcam girls show to add her to your favorite list of models

In fact, Jerkmate’s understanding of fetishes also appears to be woefully limited and out of touch. When members scroll through the site’s “BDSM” page, Jerkmate offers “submissive” cam girls and “sex slaves,” completely overlooking those in search of dominant performers.

As a BDSM fan myself, this drawback definitely alienates a huge chunk of Streamate’s massive fetishist audience with this limited form of matchmaking. That is a whole separate topic though for more advanced users. What you need to know about jerkmates is it’s just a silly pitch that gets you nothing more than into a site called Jerkmatelive!

Al you fucking guys are just shit out of luck it seems if you are looking for JOI cam shows. What it boils down to is jerkmatelive wants to just dupe you into registering for a site they don’t operate.

From my tests, I can only conclude that Jerkmate is attempting to put a random chat spin on the traditional live cam site format. While this sounds like a fresh take on the genre, marrying the two means major shortcomings for live cam fans. In hopes of finding your favorite Jerkmate model, you’ll have to click on an inconspicuous link at the bottom of the page that reads “Model Listing.” Unfortunately, this won’t lead you to a full listing of all the models you might expect.

Instead, Jerkmate presents members with categorical groupings of models with similar physical features. These categories are not all-inclusive and can be somewhat vague, particularly when it comes to describing models’ body types. Searching for a singular model this way is not only visually overwhelming but just plain exhausting, making returning to the site largely unappealing for members who have specific models they want to support.

We think everyone deserves to know that the jerkmate platform is nothing more than a copy of via website programming to make it look different from the source platform. Why recreate something that is already awesome in Streamate? Instead, experience it via the source site. The image of the real source is below and where you ought to head if you are considering joining or Jerkmatelive.

platform that powers
Here is the true platform that powers jerkmatelive which is the site pitched from the offer page at

Sites Like Jerkmate

As far as legit and safe cam sites like jerkmate I suggest you read the Chaturbate reviews as well as Streamate (review at that link) which is the actual platform powering jerkmate. As long as you register for the cam girl shows using the underlining site, you are in good hands with

sites like jerkmate
2 sites like jerkmate that are less deceptive are listed here. Just remember to register at the source platforms above all else!

Despite Jerkmate’s awkward interface and complete lack of market research, the platform receives consistently stellar reviews even among reputable site reviewers. After reading a few more reviews on Jerkmate, I was appalled at how many failed to mention the site’s status as a white-label, instead of exalting and even advertising it as a top-notch cam site!

It’s all thanks to CrakRevenue, a CPA marketing platform dedicated to traffic monetization for sites like Jerkmate.

Through CrakRevenue, reviewers can hype up the site and provide links for registration to receive a slice of the pie, so keep this in mind the next time you read a Jerkmate review. This is why they have so many good jerkmate reviews out there.

Here is a little secret. When you are searching out the jerkmate reviews go check each and click the links and see if there is an affiliate code. We did the same and found the #match for ‘Jerkmate’ went to MrPornGeek, of course, they were making porn of the money generated from sending traffic to jerkmatelive.

Of course, not one of these jerkmate review posts except ours shows you the real image of what site you get access to after you register at

So let’s take a closer look at how jerk mate works so you can see for yourself what it really is. Once we registered we here referred to a site called I will post an image so you can compare for yourself this site versus Streamate.

jerkmatelive is a copy of streamate.

Of course, they are good jerk mate reviews because everyone is in on the ruse!

To prove our point about it being not original we took one model named BlackMilfForu18 from the so-called Jerkmate girls and searched Streamate a minute after being on Jerkmate and sure enough she is on Streamate live.

Jerkmate girls
When you think you are seeing a Jerkmate girl, you are not. The site is totally not even really where these girls work!

Here it is the actual model’s pictures live at the true site that is feeding cam into jerkmate but is actually just

Jerkmate Reviews Conclusions

It’s one lie after another when it comes to Jerkmate. From its random chat camouflage to shilling out reviewers, shady doesn’t even begin to describe this site’s phony tactics! Even still, Jerkmate’s biggest crime isn’t that it pretends to be its own entity–it’s that it pretends to know its audience.

The site advertises itself as female-centric but does nothing to prove that this is actually the case, relying on archaic misinformation and old stereotypes to promote narrow-minded assumptions rooted in misogyny.

I guess we’ll just have to look a little further if we want to find a cam site that cares about its female audience, or even its fetish audience, for that matter. Jerkmatelive and jerkmate is just completely dumb idea offering zero value to users.

Clone cam sites like Jerkmate are deceptive and not legit. Maybe not a scam but our Jerkmate reviews let you know it’s a fake and not at all a free sex cams site!

Jerkmate reviews
Frankly, our jerkmate reviews went easy on the creator of this adult cam site because it’s also frequently experiencing slow loads as shown in the image above.

Fortunately, there is a silver lining to Jerkmate’s deceit. Since the site is powered by one of the largest names in live cams, Streamate, therein lies an obvious alternative. Just sign up for the real deal at!

You’ll get to enjoy all the features and models Jerkmate has to offer with none of the B.S!

Quit chatting with randoms and make your own match (or matches!) is one of the best choices online if you go directly to their platform instead of via a clone. Streamate’s user-friendly interface is ten times easier to navigate and explore, which means all that extra effort can go towards…well, you know.

As far as other jerk mate alternatives check out our list of the best sex cam sites.

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