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Here are the top scams that you need to watch out for while using cam sites. Adult Webcams are for the most part incredibly safe because the companies make vast sums of money. With so much money on the line, lots of rules are in place to make sex chat safe and fun for all involved. Likewise, cam sites make sure that the models are all of legal age and that they are not breaking the local laws while on webcam. Adult webcam sites also ensure that people who are not registered are not being broadcast inadvertently. That is part of the value of using adult webcams sites in addition to the broadcast tools and stream quality that cam sites will provide that typically give you better ways to interact than just over a Skype video call. It is important to realize cam sites for adults are in fact just the middlemen and that you are really doing business with the cam girls or cam guys who you are chatting with. The buffer though is the cam site and they provide rules for you and the cam models to follow. This buffer should be by design a way to ensure the experience is a positive experience for both the model and the user or customer.

With that being said we collected and assembled this list of the top scams at cam sites you need to be aware of. They may include actions taken by untrustworthy cam sites or dishonest cam models; either cam boys or cam girls.

Use These Safety Tips and Advice to Avoid Cam Sites Scams

Top Cam Sites Scams!

  1. Streaming of prerecorded videos: There are two instances where this can happen. First off these are called adult webcam bots. In the first case sometimes models and/or cam studios will be responsible for this and the cam site will now be aware of it. In other cases, the cam site may have a shortage of models and maybe the one behind these fake cam shows. There is no excuse for misrepresentation but it is also true that some of the most popular cam sites have been known to use a few fake cam shows or adult webcam bots to lure in customers. Take our advice on the best adult webcam sites and you will steer clear of this nonsense.
  2. Over-promising / Deception: Cam girls, in particular, are guilty at times of asking for tips to do things like ‘stand up’ in public shows and then not doing as they promised even after getting your tip. While as a patron of the cam site you may feel that it would be good business for that model to be flexible and show off a bit, this is not really an adult webcam scam. This behavior is not in line with the policies of most cam sites and you can typically report this and get your money returned. Do so with discretion though because you should also realize we all have bad days and these are modeling professionals (even if they are advertised as amateurs) because they are in fact being paid for a professional service.
  3. Undisclosed reoccurring billing: This is not common but as we share in our cam site reviews a few shady adult webcams site still try to trick you into paying for a monthly membership when there is real value in paying for a premium membership at a cam site. Adult cams are something that is a one time service and you should look at it this way; pay for your usage and never commit yourself to any ongoing obligations. Some cam sites have memberships that are reoccurring called VIP membership that is widely disclosed and this statement does not apply to these cases. We do though question the logic of all paid memberships and suggest you pay as you go and again not register for anything that reoccurs without your permission.
  4. Unfair time rounding: It is rare these days to see unfair rounding of the time you spend in a cam girls webcam shows but it does happen on smaller and start-up cam sites. None of these sites are sites we link to though so you will never have to worry about being duped out of tokens or credits and having your time unfairly rounded at the cam sites we link to.
  5. Small Scale Fraud: Believe it or not cam girls versus cam sites are the most guilty of fraud in the adult webcams business and it’s actually fairly common but it’s important to emphasize the cases do not involve big dollars. Considering there are some 250,000 women that perform on adult webcams sites and there are bound to be a few who are bad apples and a few who are desperate as well. The same goes for trans cam models and guys on webcams. Cam girls though is where we see the following most often: Contests with beneficiaries that. A. Never get the money. B. Are not the real intent of the money or reason for the fundraiser. C. Contests that raise money and the stated prize is never given out. As a researcher of cam sites, I can tell you that I have seen this cam girl fraud happen not a dozen or two dozen times and actually very frequently. It’s best to go into an adult webcams site and not get involved in giveaways and contests with the cam models and not do business except to the extent of the services offered through the sites. These services come with support and follow-up. Realize cam girls come and go and tomorrow this cam model may decide she or he longer wants to model on the internet.

I hope you have enjoyed our advice for users. Use this advice on adult webcam sites to have a safer and more enjoyable time.

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