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Let’s just come right out and say it, is NOT FREE! Is it just me or is there just about nothing as annoying as being baited into a website being told it is free then being asked to input a credit card? W.T.H.? Well while did not make the best 10 in our list of the top cam sites there is a number of redeeming aspects to their false initial promises. Likewise, most of us are smart enough to realize that free chat sites for adults are going to be selling something otherwise they could not stay in business. Exactly what they are selling are the shows that are 1-on-1 or more private and those are not free. Likewise, FreeWebcams has a very well-organized, fast loading, smooth and clean cyber sex cams site.

Prices of Cam Shows on FreeWebcams

When we last checked the costs of shows at we actually spent near 4.00 per minute which is not free and isn’t even cheap sex cams. WTF again. That being said, $4.00 isn’t bad and many cam girls charge much less at this adult webcams site. Again, though do not expect to find genuine totally free adult webcams here; or anywhere!

More Sites Like Free Webcams

Regarding sites like your best bet is to just try Streamate (reviews at that link). I say that because you get way more for free. Yes you have to register first with a credit card but once you do literally all the non nude chat you want REALLY does come free. The best “free adult chat” is really not free for everything, but goes offer more free. You will see what we mean when you compare the two sites for yourself.

Pros of

  • FreeWebcams has all the stock features like favorites, deep search, zoom, awards, contests, and more.
  • An excelled adult cam site on mobile, FreeWebcams did an excellent job at creating a truly responsive sex cams experience. However, they do not offer real completely free adult webcams.

Cons of FreeWebcams

  • FreeWebcams is not accessible in many parts of the world. In our opinion they do far, far too much IP blocking. Perhaps they have had bad experiences but lots of huge countries cannot access this site.
  • FreeWebcams claim of free is overblown and not very accurate; it’s approaching deceptive marketing actually.
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Free Webcams? Not really!
Conclusion of FreeWebcams  Reviews

FreeWebcams is not a scam nor it is a trashy cam site, in fact as we alluded to above it’s a very well programmed mobile centered adult webcams community where you can chat with women on webcams. However, we are annoyed that they use the name ‘Free Webcams; because this is a premium cam site where little is free. Once you get over that frustration and if you give the site a chance it’s actually quite is a secure and safe place for adults to have webcam sex.

HomeLiveWebcams – Just Amateur Sex Cams

HomeLiveWebcams Reviews

Introduction to Home Live Webcams: Envision a free adult online site that would give you completely free adult webcams access to more than 60,000 cam models and never requires you to do anything, except make one purchase to actually try it out. The philosophy at work here is, in the event you decided to take one of the cam girls into a private session you will use those tokens, see what a value the site is as far as being low cost and then keep buying more tokens when you want real private sex cams. These days free cam sites, as in real truly free cam sites are very rare and NEVER WILL YOU FIND FULLY NUDE FREE WEBCAMS. In all honesty, Chaturbate and this cam site are the two that give you the most besides our top ranked sex chat cam site, which is Streamate. At least you get free adult chat in non-nude rooms where you can find a model who you share sexual chemistry with.

Chatting with girls on your phone via webcams who are actually naked in their bedrooms and willing to masturbate with you for a few dollars per minute? Who knew any of this would be possible and legal a decade ago? Am I right, or what? Anyway, I do like this cam site quite a bit because of the lower prices offered and the fact that models are mixed from a variety of different cam sites. One time you might find hot Swedish blonde cam girls and another time a nude college girls from Estonia; diversity is an understatement when it comes to

Pros of Home Live Webcams

  • HomeLiveWebcams is a top sex cam site because of the fairly low
  • Online cam chat is difficult when there is too many buttons and bells and whistles and the white open areas around the webcam screen make the focus on the models
  • HomeLiveWebcams has tons of payment options and all credit cards are accepted.

Cons of Home Live Webcams

  • HomeLiveWebcams is a hybrid cam site of sorts in that they partner with multiple platforms and in turn you can find many of the top cam girls from different xxx cam sites here. This is nice is that sometimes at a proprietary cam site you will never be exposed to the most popular girls at other sex video chat sites, but on the other hand your going through a middle provider.
  • is at times a slightly slower cam sites and others work better on your mobile devices
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Conclusion of HomeLiveWebcams Reviews is a straight up value and once you can once you make one small purchase get totally free access to chat free with all the models. You never have to use the tokens you buy and the token value is 1 dollar each. This makes it super easy to save and monitor your costs for your adult entertainment. Realize as well that with the vast size of the cam girls database you will literally never run out of different models to chat with. Lastly, it is important to know that literally anyone over 18 can perform here from all corners of the world so that means these really are amateur cam models. For those reasons we have to give Home Live Webcams a very solid review.  

Dirty Roulette

Dirty Roulette Reviews

Its pretty hard to score a rank of 1 and get bad reviews for any functioning adult chat site, so you should be asking how Dirty Roulette pulled that off. I will tell you exactly why though right up from. is just a scam of sorts to get you registered for the chaturbate affiliate program. While chaturbate (reviews) at that link does offer a free adult chat room with cams; at least to some degree, the wrong way to approach it is suggesting that the service is somehow unique and just laying another brand over the top.

So here is exactly what does: They have a script running that hops you through random adult webcam shows from Chaturbate. There is NOTHING UNIQUE at except a logo. The best advice I can give you is stick to the top cam sites.

Prices of XXX Webcam Shows on

Sex Webam shows on Dirty Roulette run about 4 dollars per minute 1 on 1, or you can optionally tip in public sex webcam shows.

More Sites Like Dirty Roulette

As far as a site like Dirty Roulette we suggest Streamate because they do not play any tricks and you get 1-on-1 sex webcam shows for less. (reviews at that link)

Pros of cams

  • Dirty Roulette – We are not ever going to go there with this site. It’s just a fake cam site laid over the top of another. Avoid this adult webcams scam.

Cons of Dirty Roulette cams

  • Dirty Roulette has a pretty logo, and that’s pretty said there is nothing better to say about it. Being deceptive though is never something we can credit cam site for, and there is no reason why this cam site does not disclosed that their actually just a landing page script laid over another adult webcams site.
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Dirty Roulette Reviews
Conclusion of Reviews

Since Dirty Roulette won’t tell you the truth we will and we also link you back to the real xxx cams that are being offered here, a popular and good adult webcams site where you know what you are getting into the name of the REAL cam site here is Do not fall for the DirtyRoulette tricks and instead just go register at their partner site which is Chaturbate.